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In the middle of the twenty-first century, what was formerly the United States has now become the Christian States of America. Christians have succeeded in taking dominion over the Seven Mountains of Societal Influence, and the Constitution has been replaced by a renewed covenant with God.


From Paul to Saul follows the story of high school freshman Josh, who has moved to Columbus, Ohio, a thriving state capital in this remade America. Here, he is introduced to a deeper level of commitment to the Final Great Awakening. His new friends have no interest in video games but in training themselves to be Josephs—devoted soldiers in Christ’s army. Academically and socially, Josh struggles to keep up, even as his best friend, Peter, displays all the strengths of a youth blessed by the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Meanwhile, another teen of this first generation, Maggie, flees an abusive home and finds herself on the fringes of society, hiding from both the authorities and her past.


As these teenagers grow into adulthood, surrounded by the unchallenged power of the Christian American Party and an unwavering resolve to bring Jehovah’s Revolution to the world, they will encounter the ultimate question: Has America truly been brought back to God?


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